Photography collection of Robert Hunyor.

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Update 5/30/2015:  Just stopping by to do a little maintenance on the site. It's been crazy in my personal life so my photography has taken a bit of a backseat. But have no fear, I will be out again soon! I've just upgraded a few pieces of equipment and I'm eager to get out and put it all to good use. Stay tuned...

Update 3/16/2015:  Just a quick update since I added a few photos from a little min-vacation to the Canaan Valley of West Virginia. I'm trying out some new techniques of photographing stars. These are shots from my first real attempt. So hopefully they will only improve over time!

Update 2/25/2015:  I added a few pics from the big snowfall that happened about a week ago or so. Everything was closed in the area and so I decided to take advantage of the snow day! I hiked about a half mile from the house and snapped these photos at a nearby creak. I'm still not exactly sure if I was standing on frozen water but the cracking noises I kept hearing tells me I may have :-)  Good thing it's not deep and I never fell in. Anyways, enjoy the pics! I hope to get out more as the weather warms up!