Photography collection of Robert Hunyor.

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Update 2/25/2015:  I added a few pics from the big snowfall that happened about a week ago or so. Everything was closed in the area and so I decided to take advantage of the snow day! I hiked about a half mile from the house and snapped these photos at a nearby creak. I'm still not exactly sure if I was standing on frozen water but the cracking noises I kept hearing tells me I may have :-)  Good thing it's not deep and I never fell in. Anyways, enjoy the pics! I hope to get out more as the weather warms up! 

Update 2/15/2015:  I just added a few pics to the "Virginia" gallery from my trip to Richmond last weekend. I have been itching to get back out and shoot so I took advantage of a nice day and visited Maymont in Richmond.

It was number 3 on's list of attractions. So I went for it. I got some nice shots of the Japanese garden area and of the old Govenor's mansion. I hope to go back when the temps are a bit warmer and the flowers are blooming.